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    Tel: +86-28-86630571
    Fax : +86-28-86630571

    Competitive StrengthsYour Location : Competitive Strengths

    High-quality phosphate deposits
    Our phosphate deposits benefit from high levels of P205 and low levels of arsenic content, which are considered of higher quality when compared to other phosphate rocks available in the market.

    Vertically-integrated strategy
    With a view to enhance the value of our mines, we intend to continue a vertically-integrated strategy by investing in downstream processing facilities to process and refine raw phosphate rocks and to produce downstream phosphate-based chemical products. Based on our own mines,we may make sure raw materials supply stability,raw material quality assurance and cost controlling.

    Production efficiency
    We are able to enjoy significant cost and production efficiencies due to the use of our (i) high-quality phosphate rocks in our downstream operations, thereby requiring less processing efforts; (ii) main production equipment is imported from USA and (III) newly-built facilities, such as our furnaces, which we believe are technologically advanced and fully compliant with applicable regulations set by the relevant PRC authorities.

    Strategic geographical location
    Our mines and Gongxing Facilities are located in close proximity, being approximately 45 km apart. We believe that the geographically advantageous location of our mines will provide us with a reliable source of supply of phosphate rock to meet our customers' demand for our products.

    Logistic advantages and just-in-time delivery
    Highway:Highway near our plant, goods can be delivered to port by highway within 5 days
    Railway:Goods can arrived at port by local railway transport
    Airway :Goods can be arranged to ship out within 24 hours
    We have our own long-existing warehouse at Tianjin port and may arrange stocks there according to clients request,this realizes a fast and just-in-time shipment .

    Business reputation
    We have established ourselves as reputable market player in the PRC with over 10 years of operations in phosphate rock mining and 17 years of operations in downstream phosphate processing.We have also established an extensive and notable local and multi-national customer base in PRC and worldwide.

    Experienced management team
    We have a strong and dedicated management team, led by our Chairman and CEO, Dr. Ong Hian Eng, which has extensive knowledge of, and experience in, the phosphate industry and provide our Group with the skills and expertise to implement its strategy.
    Our Directors are supported by the our team of experienced and competent Key Executives who assist to manage the PRC operations.